Commercial Recycling Laws


AB 341: California's Commercial recycling Law

What you Need to Know
In July 2012, California’s Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law AB 341 goes into effect. The law will affect all businesses that generate more than 4 cubic yards of refuse and recyclables per week. Which means if your business is producing more than 4 yards per week of landfilled material and you are not participating in a recycling program, you must start participating by June 2012. Multifamily units with 5 or more units are also required to participate in a recycling program.

The good news is that 99% of all businesses / multifamily units in Paradise already have the required recycling in place so everyone, with the exception of a handful of businesses, is already in compliance with the law and will not be negatively effected by it in anyway.

However, there is always room for improvement and NRWS is here to help your business increase recycling efforts and reduce operational costs. To help your business to exceed new standards NRWS provides a full time Recycling and Public Outreach Coordinator that is available free to all businesses to perform waste characterization studies, provide data, and calculate possible rate savings, as well as, train staff on recycling do’s and don’t’s. Services are set up to reflect cost savings associated with recycling, the more your recycling the more you save.

And for those that do not have recycling the good news is that adding recycling to your disposal routine is Free and easy to do.If you want to learn more or would like to schedule a waste study or meet with our Recycling and Public Outreach
Coordinator contact Team Member Jennifer Arbuckle at (530) 876-3345
. Click here for more information about AB 341.

AB 1826
In an extension of AB341 an additional law was passed (AB 1826), requiring commercial businesses to separate out organics from the trash in an ongoing effort to curb green-house gas emissions. Starting January 2019, all commercial businesses, producing over 4 yds of trash per week, will be required to separate out organics. Regardless if organics only make up a small amount of your on-site waste stream.

We currently do not have a municipal composting facility in Butte County, nor do we run composting routes. Although we are working with all local jurisdictions to get a composting facility up and running, we are still years away from making such a facility a reality. North State Rendering does accept organics, however their location and limitations (no vegetative waste) make routing economically unfeasible at this time. Do to our rural status and lack of infrastructure to comply with 1826 stipulations, our efforts to collect onsite data and map our routing possibilities will keep us all in compliance until the needed infrastructure is established.