roll off/ debris box service

Have a large project? Are you taking out a patio, building a fence, overhauling your backyard, or doing a remodel?  Does your business generate large amounts of materials?  Commercial and residential customers can take advantage of NRWS convenient debris box services for Recycling, Yard waste, Construction & Demolition and Solid Waste.
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Debris Box Rental

Contact us today to get rates for your area. Rates represent haul charge only. Disposal will be added based upon the current tip fee at Neal Road Landfill. All boxes may be kept for 3 days. It will be automatically removed on the 4th day. A nominal fee will be applied to boxes kept beyond the 3-day limit. Licensed contractors, that meet certain requirements, are exempt from any time limits when ordering a debris box. Please call the office at 530-876-3340 for pricing, arrangements and contractor requirements.

Sizes available

Boxes for mixed recycling , yard waste material, C&D and solid waste:
10 yd (heavy loads only)
20 yd
30 yd
40 yd (subject to weight limit)


Recycle boxes are considered clean separated materials such as: Mixed Recycling, Scrap Metal, Yard waste, Wood Waste, Concrete, & other Construction Demolition material identified by the hauler. If contaminated, processing fees can apply to certain materials at the discretion of the hauler (i.e. $100.00 contamination fee + disposal).

Please note:  Source-separated boxes contaminated with garbage will be charged the regular trash rate.  No hazardous wastes (including chemicals, solvents, paints, TVs, computers, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, fuel, oil, asbestos, explosives, or tires) are allowed in any debris box.

Mixed Recycling acceptable items

Scrap Metal: bicycles (tires removed), metal file cabinets, chain link fencing and poles, aluminum siding, metal fixtures (no ballasts), metal wheelbarrows, empty aerosol cans, pots, pans, utensils, ovens, dishwashers, swamp coolers, rims, metal shelving, barb or chicken wire, window frames (no glass), barbeques, copper, aluminum / tin cans, water heaters, washers / dryers, stove tops.

Paper Products: Newspapers, Magazines, catalogs, junk mail, phonebooks /soft covered books, paper packaging, cardboard, box board (cereal boxes, shoe boxes), wax board, shredded paper (please put in clear bags for worker safety).

Plastic Products: All containers #1-7 (except Styrofoam), rigid plastics (toys, 5 gallon buckets, laundry baskets, plastic piping, plastic planters etc.), beverage and food containers.

Unacceptable items: trash, hazardous waste, Styrofoam, window glass, mirrors, ceramics, light bulbs, dish's / cups.

Vegetative Waste Boxes

Acceptable items: grass clippings, brush, branches, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, raw lumber (minimal nails okay), firewood, and pallets.

Unacceptable items: trash, dirt, rocks & gravel, pressure treated wood, stained wood, painted wood, plastic bags, hazardous waste, stumps, sod, telephone poles, railroad ties.

Please note: that we do have boxes specifically for dirt and rocks and that vegetative waste can also be dropped off at the local Vegetative Waste Facility located at 925 American Way, open Tuesday thorough Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., charges will apply and are based on yardage.

Inert Waste Boxes

Acceptable items:- Asphalt, Concrete, Stone or Porcelain Tile, Brick, and Cement Blocks.

Maximum Size: 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet; concrete slabs can be larger, but cannot exceed 6 inches in thickness.

Rebar/Re-enforcement Material: Must be clipped flush with the edge of the concrete, cement block, etc.

Inert material loads can include a mixture of asphalt, concrete, tile, brick cement block and like material as long as the material meets the criteria above. 

Unacceptable items: Soil or Rock, Porcelain Appliances (i.e.: toilets & sinks), Ceramic and/or porcelain fixtures, objects, decorative items, dishware, etc. Trash or Construction Debris, Building Paper or Insulation, Hazardous or Electronic Waste , Wood, Stumps, or Vegetative Materials, Loose Rebar , or any other material deemed unacceptable by the hauler.

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