California Redemption values

What is CRV?

Glass, aluminum & plastic beverage containers labeled CRV (California Refund Value) can be redeemed at designated centers for 5¢ per container under 24 oz, and 10¢ per container 24 oz and above. Non-CRV glass, metal and plastic beverage containers are accepted for recycling at most drop-off recycling locations. For more information about CRV, go to or call 1-800-RECYCLE.

CRV Per Container (Fully Segregated)

Under 24 oz. = $.05/each 24 oz. and over = $.10/each

Want to donate your CRV to a local school or charity? NRWS has donation accounts set up for local charities and schools, simply state where you would like your money to go and we will give the money to the group of your choice.


per lb.


$  1.60


$  .102


$  .37

PETE Plastic (#1)

$  1.24

HDPE Plastic (#2)

$  .57

PVC Plastic (#3)

$ .56

LDPE Plastic (#4)

$ 2.04

PP Plastic (#5)

$ .58

PS Plastic (#6)

$ 5.63

Other Plastic (#7)

$ .31

NOTE:          Refund not paid for packaging, contamination such as dirt or moisture, nor beverage containers not properly labeled with "CA Redemption Value" or "CA Cash Refund" message.

*NRWS will discount the refund value and may discount scrap value of loads of containers which include non-redemption material.

The consumer has the right to:

1. Accept a discounted refund or scrap price

2. Separate refund from non-refund material

3. Take back material

*SB 332 does not require new containers added to the program to be labeled

CRv take back locations


AS Chico Recycling Donation Center, Corner of W. 4th St. & Cherry St., Chico, 898-5033
Chico Scrap Metal, 878 E. 20th St., Chico, 343-7166
Chico Scrap Metal South, 766 Oroville-Chico Hwy, Chico, 343-7166
Chico Transfer and Recycling-Waste Management, 2569 Scott Ave., Chico, 893-0333
COVE , 8279 Skyway., Paradise, 877-2777
D & E Recycling, 480 B Street, Biggs,
Fair Street Recycling/Work Training Center, 2300 Fair St, Chico, 343-8641
Fair Street Recycling/Work Training Center, 1245 Oro Dam Blvd, Oroville, 533-5311
Gridley Indoor Market, Corner of Magnolia & Virginia Streets, Gridley, 846-2846
Joe Verni Recycling, 4980 Lincoln Blvd.,Oroville , 534-7402
Nor-Cal Recyclers, 1855 Kusel Rd. , Oroville, 532-0262
Northern Recycling & Waste Services - 920 American Way, Paradise, 876-3340
Recology Butte-Colusa Counties Oroville Recycling Center, 2720 S. 5th Ave. , Oroville, 533-5868
Rob's Recycling, 9336 Midway, Durham, 567-5143
Steel Mills Recyclers, 786 Oroville-Chico Hwy, Durham, 342-4930
TOMRA Pacific at Collins & Denny Market, 434 Plumas Ave. , Oroville, 887-737-5263
TOMRA Recycle Center at Save Mart, 6646 Clark Rd, Paradise, 887-737-5263
TOMRA Recycle Center at Lakeside Market, 5250 Olive Hwy, Oroville, 887-737-5263