California Redemption values

What is CRV?

Glass, aluminum & plastic beverage containers labeled CRV (California Refund Value) can be redeemed at designated centers for 5¢ per container under 24 oz, and 10¢ per container 24 oz and above. Non-CRV glass, metal and plastic beverage containers are accepted for recycling at most drop-off recycling locations. For more information about CRV, go to or call 1-800-RECYCLE.

CRv take back locations


AS Chico Recycling Donation Center, Corner of W. 4th St. & Cherry St., Chico, 898-5033
Chico Scrap Metal, 878 E. 20th St., Chico, 343-7166
Chico Scrap Metal South, 766 Oroville-Chico Hwy, Chico, 343-7166
Chico Transfer and Recycling-Waste Management, 2569 Scott Ave., Chico, 893-0333
D & E Recycling, 480 B Street, Biggs,
Gridley Indoor Market, Corner of Magnolia & Virginia Streets, Gridley, 846-2846
Joe Verni Recycling, 4980 Lincoln Blvd.,Oroville , 534-7402
Nor-Cal Recyclers, 1855 Kusel Rd. , Oroville, 532-0262
Recology Butte-Colusa Counties Oroville Recycling Center, 2720 S. 5th Ave. , Oroville, 533-5868
Rob's Recycling, 9336 Midway, Durham, 567-5143
Steel Mills Recyclers, 786 Oroville-Chico Hwy, Durham, 342-4930
TOMRA Pacific at Collins & Denny Market, 434 Plumas Ave. , Oroville, 887-737-5263
TOMRA Recycle Center at Save Mart, 6646 Clark Rd, Paradise, 887-737-5263
TOMRA Recycle Center at Lakeside Market, 5250 Olive Hwy, Oroville, 887-737-5263