Recycling center

At NRWS's Recycling Center our goal is reduce, reuse and recycle resources to protect our environment and our community. We are dedicated to increasing diversion options through responsible outlets. Please see below for a list of items accepted at our Recycling Center on a daily basis.

All cusomters are responsible for unloading any material brought to the Recycling Center
at your own risk.
Location: 920 American Way, Paradise Ca 95969.
Open: Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Items can be dropped off FREE OF CHARGE unless otherwise stated.
**As of January 1st 2014: The new per-person, per-day limits are 100 pounds of aluminum or plastic CRV eligible containers and 1,000 pounds of CRV glass. Click here for more information.

buy back center

We buy back all California Redemption Value Beverage Containers. Please separate all containers based on material, aluminum, plastic and glass. For glass please further separate by color. Click here for current CRV values. You can also donate your refund to a local charity or school of your choice. Please note that there is a per-person per-day limit of 100 lbs of aluminum or plastic CRV and 1,000 lb limit for glass. Absolutely NO Splitting Loads.

Electrical Waste

It is illegal to put E-waste into the trash, Please Recycle. We accept the following items FREE of charge:
COMPUTER EQUIPMENT: computers & laptops, keyboards, printers, scanners, cables, mouses
TELEVISIONS, COMPUTER MONITORS & FLAT SCREENS OFFICE EQUIPMENT: telephones, fax machines & copiers (please remove toner)
CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: microwaves, VCR's, tape players, stereo equipment, VHS tapes, CDs, radios, PDA's, cell phones, etc.

Click here for more e-waste information and additional drop off locations.


We accept household and auto batteries. HOUSEHOLD BATTERIES: D, C, A, AA, & AAA don’t need to be taped – everything else must have ends taped in accordance with Department of Transportation. Click here for more battery information and drop off locations.

Used oil

NRWS is a Certified Oil Collection Center. We accept used motor oil, oil filters, and antifreeze. Maximum of 10 gallon per day. Click here to see additional Certified Oil Collection Centers in Butte County.

scrap metal / Large Appliances

All types of metal items are accepted. We accept large appliances for recycling with scrap metal, including washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves, dishwashers etc.

We do take Freon containing items, charges apply to all items without a certificate of evacuation. All other scrap metal is accepted for recycling or reuse (depending on condition).

Please make sure that all motor fluids are drained and that the hoses and insulation is removed from appliances. Please check in with an attendant before you dump your items to assure proper placement.


We accept approved sharps containers for free disposal at our Recycling Center Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free containers are available while supplies last.

NRWS prepaid containers can be purchased and dropped off at the Recycling Center or at the Office (M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Click here for additional drop off locations.

polystyrene (aka styrofoam)

Block and food service Styrofoam can be dropped off at our Recycling Center. Items must be clean (i.e. no tape, lables, food or dirt) and placed into clear bags for drop off. Block and food service foam must be in separate bags. Click here for more information and additional drop off locations. Please note that Styrofoam peanuts are not accepted.

Miscellaneous items

If you would have an item that you would like to recycle but are not sure where to take, please contact us at 876-3340 and we will be happy to answer your questions and if possible find a place for your item(s). Or visit our Recycling Guide to see if your items it listed.

Inert Material

Inert material includes, rock, brick, cement (no rebar), asphalt, and gravel.