Motor Oil & Automotive fluid recycling

Recycling is the only legal way to get rid of Motor Oil

Steps to changing your motor oil for recycling

Step 1:  Drain motor oil into a drain pan.  Drain your oil filter for 24 can hold up to a quart of oil!
Step 2:  Pour your used oil into a reusable container with a tight fitting lid.  Put your filter in a plastic bag or sealed container.  Take it to a drop-off center listed below.

IMPORTANT!  Please don't mix oil with anything!

You can also take your used oil, filters, antifreeze, or auto batteries to one of the oil recycling centers listed below.  Be sure to go during business hours & to bring no more than a maximum of 10 gallons of oil (in 5 gallon-size containers) at a time. 

Please make sure to completely drain all oil filters (see step 1 above).  Locations highlighted in green are California Certified Oil Collection Centers and offer 40¢ per gallon for used oil.  Call collection centers or 1-800-CLEANUP for more information.

•AutoZone, 136 W. East Ave., Chico
•AutoZone, 7542 Skyway Rd., Paradise
•AutoZone, 1843 Park Ave., Chico
•AutoZone, 1970 Oroville Dam Blvd. , Oroville
•Butte County Public Works, #9 County Center Dr. , Oroville
•Chico Drain Oil Service, 1618 W. 5th St.., Chico
•Chico Transfer and Recycling-Waste Management, 2569 Scott Ave., Chico
•Chuck Patterson Toyota Service Dept., 200 East Ave., Chico
•First Gear, 175 E 9th Ave, Chico
•Gridley Household Hazardous Waste Recycling, Ord Ranch Rd, Gridley
•Jiffy Lube, 1450 Oro Dam Blvd. , Oroville
•Jiffy Lube, 6081 Clark Rd, Paradise
•Jiffy Lube, 1218 Mangrove Ave., Chico
•Jiffy Lube, 2454 Notre Dame, Chico
•O'Reilly/Kragen Auto Parts, 1590 Hwy 99 Gridley
•O'Reilly/Kragen Auto Parts, 1618 Mangrove Ave., Chico
•O'Reilly/Kragen Auto Parts, 1218 Mangrove Ave, Chico
•O'Reilly/Kragen Auto Parts, 2525 Oroville Dam Blvd East , Oroville
•O'Reilly/Kragen Auto Parts, 6640 Clark Rd., Paradise
•O'Reilly/Kragen Auto Parts, 2485 Notre Dame Blvd., Chico
•Lube Express 2354 Esplanade, Chico
•Recology Butte-Colusa Counties Oroville Household Haz. Waste, 2720 S. 5th Ave., Oroville
•North State Rendering Co., 15 Shippee Rd., Oroville
•Pep Boys Automotive Supercenters, 1555 Mangrove Ave, Chico.
•Northern Recycling & Waste Services - 920 American Way, Paradise
•Stohlman's Union 76 Station, 505 Virginia St., Gridley
•Warrens Drive Thru Lube, 557 Nord Ave., Chico

auto care & repair

Automobile repair and maintenance activities have the potential to harm water quality of our creeks. You can protect our creeks by adopting watershed-friendly auto care techniques, and by preventing spills and properly disposing of automotive waste fluids:

  • Never dump auto fluids down storm drains or other areas

  • Used oil from a single oil change can pollute up to one million gallons of freshwater.

  • Recycle used oil and antifreeze by taking them to service stations or recycling centers.

  • Dispose of unused or spent cleaning solvents at the Town of Paradise Household Hazardous Waste Facility or the Butte County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

  • Use a funnel when pouring liquids (motor oil and anti-freeze and place a tray underneath your vehicle to catch spills.