electronic waste (e-waste)

Drop off Locations:

Best Buy: 2005 Forest Ave, Chico, CA 95928, Click here for more details.

Butte Regional Household Hazardous Waste Facility: 1101 Marauder St. Chico, CA 95973, 1-866-429-2288

Chico U-Lock-it Self Storage: 1909 Martin Luther King Blvd. Chico, CA 95928, 895-9999

Computers for Classrooms: 315 Huss Dr. (Off Hegan Ln.) Chico, CA 95928, 895-4175

Gridley TV & Electronics: 546 Kentucky St. Gridley, CA 95948, 846-9999

Neal Road Recycling & Waste Facility: 1023 Neal Road Paradise, CA 95969,879-2352

North Valley Waste Management: 2569 Scott Ave Chico, CA 95928, 893-4777 (Monday - Friday Only)

Ord Ranch Transfer Station: 0.5 miles east of Hwy 99 on Ord Ranch Rd., Saturday and Sunday only, 846-0810

Oroville Rescue Mission: 4250 Lincoln Blvd. Oroville, CA 95966, 533-9120

Salvation Army: 342-2199 Call for a pickup appointment

Surplus City: 4514 Pacific Heights Rd. Oroville, CA 95966, 534-9956

reuse line

Toner & ink cartridges, Cell Phones?

Recycling companies pay schools for their collection of used cell phones and ink/toner cartridges. By recycling just one ink cartridge, a half gallon of oil is conserved! For more information, visit:

www.recyclefree.com or

Most toner & ink jet cartridges can be sent back to the manufacturer free of charge. They are also accepted at the following businesses:
•AS Computerworks, BMU Bookstore, Chico
•Best Buy, 2005 Forest Ave, Chico
•Carolyn's Office Supplies, 450 Pearson Rd., Paradise
•Cartridge World, 760 Mangrove Ave, Chico
•Chico Laser Savers, 177 East Ave., Chico
•Hubbs Stationery & Office Supply, 2201 Pillsbury Rd., Chico
•Laser "Renew" Zit, 1907 Mangrove Ave. #A, Chico
•Office Depot, 2071 Martin Luther King Dr., Chico
•Rapid Refill, 208-H W. East Ave, Chico
•Ray Morgan Company, 554 Rio Lindo Ave., Chico
•Staples, 2150 Feather River Blvd., Oroville

Cell phones and their batteries are accepted anywhere they are sold.
Otherwise, donate cell phones to a school or charity. Search for "cell phone donation" or visit:

Electronic Media Recycling - CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, computer diskettes, VHS tapes, etc:
EcoDisk (888) 797-7638, www.ecodisk.com
Green Disk (800) 305-3475, www.greendisk.com
Or, reuse them at home - www.make-stuff.com/recycling/cd.html

California Consumer E-waste Fee:
This fee, paid by California consumers, provides the revenue needed to fund the covered electronic waste (CEW) recovery and recycling payment system. Below is a breakdown of the prices structure and additional information about California requirements.

Title 14, Natural Resources--Division 7 Chapter 8.2. Electronic Waste Recovery and Recycling Article 2.6. Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Fee Section 18660.40. Fee Amounts

The covered electronic waste recycling fee paid by a consumer upon the purchase of a new or refurbished covered electronic device pursuant to Section 42464 of the Public Resources Code shall be the following amounts:

(a) On or after January 1, 2009, eight dollars ($8), and on or after January 1, 2011, six dollars ($6), for each covered electronic device with a screen size of less than 15 inches measured diagonally.

(b) On or after January 1, 2009, sixteen dollars ($16), and on or after January 1, 2011, eight dollars ($8), for each covered electronic device with a screen size greater than or equal to 15 inches but less than 35 inches measured diagonally.

(c) On or after January 1, 2009, twenty five dollars ($25), and on or after January 1, 2011, ten dollars ($10), for each covered electronic device with a screen size greater than or equal to 35 inches measured diagonally.

Additional Resources:

Just Need a New Part to Keep your appliance running? The following link was brought to our attention by Marcus from Mrs. Chandlers Class at Monument Charter School. Thanks Marcus for the suggestion and making recycling a top priority. It is always best to reuse before you recycle, please visit the following link to get the part you need and some more useful years out of your appliance(s).

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) determines what types of products are considered covered electronic devices and thus subject to the fee.  That information can be found at:

Retailers with questions about collecting and remitting the electronic waste recycling fee should refer to the Board of Equalization's website:

CEW Payment System Regulations:

Public Resources Code (PRC), Health and Safety Code (HSC), and other statutes:

DTSC Universal Waste Electronics Handler Information:

Living Green: A guide to electronic recycling